New Installations, Service and Repair

Plugbusters® provides superior technical service and industry-leading plumbing, heating, drain and sewer services. Since 1935, we have been delivering fast, reliable and dependable service on all makes and models of plumbing, drain services, and heating equipment. Whether it is regular maintenance on heating, drain and plug services or an emergency or a quick fix for plumbing, a furnace boiler or a restaurant grease trap, Plugbusters® is your first call.


Scheduled Services

Plug Busters™ offers extended, scheduled service plans, providing you peace-of-mind, knowing your plumbing, boiler and furnace heating and drainage will not fail you. Preventative maintenance means a safe, worry-free home and business. As well, Plugbusters® will help you establish a convenient, yearly appointment schedule. A Plugbusters® licensed plumber or technician will examine your mechanical systems, drains, plumbing and heating to ensure all is running at safe and at optimum levels. Leaky pipes, plugged drains faulty motors and pumps may lead to system failure. Plugbusters® will ensure your equipment is running properly. If serious problems exist, we will suggest cost effective maintenance, repairs or alternatives.

Contact Plugbusters® and schedule commercial, residential and industrial
maintenance services now.


Emergency Services

Emergency plumbing, heating, drain and sewer situations can’t wait. Plugbusters® will respond immediately to your commercial, residential or industrial emergency. If you have a leaking hot water tank in your basement, a plugged drain, or heating that refuses to heat your home or business, contact Plugbusters®.

Plugbusters® understands your urgency and will be prepared and knowledgeable about the required solution. Plugbusters® knows you want repairs done fast and done right: that is why Plugbusters® offers emergency services.

If you have a plumbing, heating, drain or sewer emergency,
call Plugbusters® immediately.

Plug Busters’™ Plumbing and Heating Services

  • All Makes of Hot Water Tanks
  • Complete Plumbing and Heating Service and Supplies
  • Complete Restaurant Service and Grease Traps
  • Hot water, Steam Heating and Furnaces
  • Property Management, Strata Co-op Services
  • Pumps, Motors, Controls, Zone Valves
  • Repairs on All Types of Plumbing and Heating Systems

Plugbusters’® Services

  • Any and all drains, sewers, and piping systems
  • All Inside Line Pipe Camera Trouble-Shooting and Precise Leak Detection

Attention home buyers: Do not buy that house without an insurance property and drainage inspection!

Contact Plugbusters® and for scheduled and emergency plumbing,
heating, drain and sewer services.