Make Your Phone Ring with the Plugbusters® Logo.Make Your Phone Ring with the Plugbusters® Logo.

Build your plumbing, heating, drain service or septic service company by owning a licensed Plugbusters® Territory for as little as $5,000 per year

The Plug Busters™ logo and brand will attract the clients you wish you had to your plumbing, heating, drain cleaning and septic-services related business… your job is simply to keep on providing the exceptional service and fair pricing.

Trademarked in 1984, the Plugbusters® logo and brand has been helping plumbing contractors of all sizes increase their business and profit margins. Enjoy the promotional benefits of Plugbusters’® registered trademark logo without having to give up a significant share of your profits to a franchisor.

One California company used the Plugbusters® logo and brand to promote and grow their business, to the point of having Service Master, a large international service company, purchase a license agreement and the company.

Bottom line – the Plugbusters® logo will make your company stand out from the rest, by getting the consumer’s attention and calling you for business!

Plugbusters® is offering an exciting opportunity to secure Master, Regional and Local license agreements for the exclusive use of the Plugbusters® registered logo in the specified territory.

Plugbusters® was created and trademarked by Mr. George Moore, a fourth generation “Moore” plumber in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, and he wants to help springboard your business success using the Plugbusters® trademarked logo.

75 years Industry Experience

With more than 75 years industry experience, Plugbusters® is now building a nationally branded franchise system. Plugbusters® is currently considering Canadian master franchise agreements and licensing opportunities for the provinces of Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, PEI and Newfoundland. Plugbusters® is also considering master franchise agreements and licensing opportunities in California.

At Plugbusters, customer service is number one. Since 1935, we have a tradition of providing superior service and industry-leading plumbing, heating, drain and sewer services. Respecting clients’ time and budget, Plugbusters® has a reputation for fast, reliable and dependable service.

Are you an independent plumbing, heating, drain cleaning and piping operator?

Contact Plug Busters™ to discuss a licensing opportunity.

Plugbusters’® rapidly growing national network of franchises and company owned facilities deliver exceptional customer service and technical excellence. Benefit immediately from brand awareness, value, and build your business and clientele through Plugbusters® established name and reputation.

Benefits of Becoming a Plugbusters® Franchisee or Master Franchisee:

The Plugbusters logo will attract the clients you wish you had…your job is simply to keep providing exceptional service and fair pricing in your plumbing, heating, drain cleaning, and septic services related business.

  • Make Your Phone Ring off the Wall with the Plugbusters® Logo
  • Learn How to Generate Greater Revenue More Efficiently
  • Benefit from Group Supply Purchasing and Related Volume Discounts.
  • Grow Your Business through Plugbusters’® Ongoing Marketing, Advertising and Communications Campaigns.
  • Leverage Brand Affinity and Visibility through the Plugbusters’® Name, Logo and Identity.
  • Enhance Your Service Offerings through New and Leading Industry Processes and Techniques.

Local licensing opportunities cater to investors or contractors seeking to market into cities, districts, counties or municipalities.

As a Plugbusters® Local Licensee You Will:

  • Own Exclusive Rights for the Use of the Plugbusters® Logo in Your Specified Region – No Competition.
  • Fixed Annual Licensing Fees – Not Large Unknown Percentages of Your Business Profits
  • Have Access to Our Identity Items such as Truck Decals, Uniform Patches, Etc.
  • Automatically Renew Your Licensing Agreement

How Do I Become A Plugbusters® License Holder?

The process is simple:

  1. After reviewing the details of the licensing opportunity and having all your important questions answered, together we complete the License Agreement you choose, which includes the initial annual licensing fee.
  2. We provide you with information on how to effective implement the use of the Plugbusters® logo for effective business growth,
  3. You either open your first Plugbusters® license operation, or change the identity and branding of your current plumbing service operation.

To receive an introductory package with detailed information about this unique business opportunity, please fill out the Request for Details Form or call us toll free in North America at 1.877.597.7888

We look forward to further exploring with you the possibility of a financially rewarding association between us.

If you are an independent plumbing and heating company operator, committed to growing
your business, contact Plugbusters® and discuss acquiring a territory or a franchise. Plugbusters® will work with you, helping you grow your business and financial success.