Celebrating 75 Years of Experience

Plugbusters® has a long tradition of excellence. Originally launched as Moore Plumbing and Heatingin 1935 in Greater Vancouver, and later, in San Francisco, California. Plugbusters® has four generations of experience as a successful family-run, plumbing, heating, drain and sewer business.

In 1935 Moore Plumbing and Heating introduced the Plugbusters® logo and trademark. Soon after, the company rapidly expanded. The logo was placed on service vans; ads were placed in local Yellow Pages; print and electronic advertising purchased. This helped establish Plugbusters® as a primary provider of plumbing, heating, drainage and sewer services. Plug Busters® is now an international success with locations throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Plug Busters’™ Plumbing and Heating Services

  • All Makes of Hot Water Tanks
  • Complete Plumbing and Heating Service and Supplies
  • Complete Restaurant Service and Grease Traps
  • Hot Water, Steam Heating and Furnaces
  • Property Management, Strata Co-op Services
  • Pumps, Motors, Controls, Zone Valves
  • Repairs on All Types of Plumbing and Heating Systems

Plugbusters’® Drain and Sewer Services

  • Wet Basements Made Dry
  • Sumps and Pumps
  • Professional Electric Drain and Sewer Cleaning
  • Power Flushing of Drain Lines
  • Parking Lot and Area Drain
  • Complete Drain Title and Perimeter Drain Service

Plugbusters® does it right

Plugbusters® cares about you, your home and your business.

Our certified plumbers and technicians are qualified to service all makes and models of heating, drainage and plumbing equipment. If you contact Plugbusters® by phone or by email, we will respond promptly. If a service appointment is scheduled, a Plugbusters® certified plumber or technician will arrive, as scheduled, at your home or business. Plugbusters® will work to ensure you have the heating, drainage and comfort you require.

Contact Plugbusters® for scheduled and emergency plumbing,
heating, drain and sewer services.